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  1. ZenMarket review and haul!

    This is my first blog post, so it probably won't be very good but oh well. I thought I'd try it out since there is a lack of information on services like these! Please note: I only used the site to bid on auctions, and that is mainly what this guide is for!

    ZenMarket service review

  2. Yeee?

    I'm too much for the site's Resetti infraction hander-outer to handle. You ain't gonna ban me, boi!

    Welp, before this post gets deleted for being too controversial or whatever, props to the admins/moderators for moderating the site, I guess.
  3. Incoming!

    Hi everyone, it's me, Pink! (or pinkcotton, I don't care!) ^_^

    Just making it known that I will be getting a second copy hopefully on Thursday ~☆

    Town Name: Mistwood

    Mayor Name: Irene / Still deciding.

    Side Character Names: Selene and still deciding.

    Theme: Woodsy! (Overflown with cedar trees and clovers all over the place.)

    Dreamies: Felyne, Kyle, June, Fauna, Deirdere, Vivian, Marshal, Bam, Molly, ...
  4. Candilus Daily Journal

    Mayor Joyius from Candilus here, decided to start cataloging my town and what all goes on in it!

    Yesterday I had recently returned from a long vacation again, after leaving in October for a while. All my villagers did indeed miss me, and it seemed Ed moved out, now he wasn't my favorite by any means, but he will be missed!

    Redd was also over yesterday, he had two genuine items for sale, so I went and asked one of the residents, Candi, to buy the other one for me, ...
  5. ❀ Irisvale Day 7 - March 15th, 2017

    ❀ Day 7 - Happy birthday, Mayor Crystal! ❀

    It's very cold and very nice out where I live irl, so I decided to start my day off right by taking a walk. (1,351 steps according to my 3DS!)

    As you can see, today is my 22nd birthday! ♥
    New villager = New plot. I reset for Étoile after she was able to live in my town.

    Since it wasn't Krisadra's birthday, I loaded up her first. Turns out Leif's Garden Shop is open! ...