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  1. Theme of the Week: Introduction

    The Theme of the Week series has began. As the first theme is revealed tomorrow, here's what the Theme of the Week series is about:

    Every week for 13 weeks, I will upload 75 photos related to the week's theme. 25 of them explore 5 different villager houses, but 50 explore the 7 spotlighted facilities decorated for the theme, all of them being shops and restaurants, as well as the school and hotel. But the first week, I'm starting with 100 photos, with 10 villagers instead of 5. All ...
  2. VanessaMay18's weird TBT dreams episode 2

    This is fun tbh. And the dreams are still coming. Sooo I'm back for episode 2.

    Without delay, here are my most recent TBT dreams:
    -A new series of number collectibles was created. As in, the collectibles were just a number against a random colour background (a number 1 collectible, a number 2 collectible, etc.) They were sort of modeled after the shirts in Animal Crossing. They became quite popular and everyone was fighting to get their favourite number.

    -On ...
  3. I didn't how much attention I actually get

    I used to think of myself here on TBT as one of those newbie-looking people that all those rich and rare, old users would just pass by....

    But however, I did realize something today. A simple thread that I make in the Animal Crossing section easily gets a thousand views. My old shop....about 15,000 views I think, I haven't checked it in so long but even when it's closed and inactive it still gets views...
    I once had a closet clean out and it got a lot of replies in the same ...
  4. plz let me see the inside of your house

  5. Mayoral Visor Activated #1

    I'm back!

    I feel like I should be a bit more committed to logging down my activited in both of my towns again, to get me writing a bit more and to keep track of all things Animal Crossing.

    I know, I've said these time and time again with both the Town Blogs and Space Blogs but you've all seen how they both went. I'll make a category for the Space Blogs soon I suppose.

    Anyways, let's get started.


    I remembered to plot ...