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  1. An Animal Crossing New Leaf haiku

    If you don't know what a haiku is, it's a non rhyming poem consisting of 3 lines: First line has 7 syllables, second line 5 syllables, and third line 7 syllables.

    Here it is

    First part: villagers moving in

    Animal Crossing New Leaf
    Villager moves in
    Ruining hybrid flowers

    Second part: About pwp projects

    They ask for projects in town
    but no one dare pay
    I am not made of money


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  2. I think I need a little break


    so I'm bummed out right now. I just got swiped from a giant TBT prize and it's disheartening to see that you were one reply away from actually winning it all. this site is starting to make me go crazy just a bit, and I need to play my ACNL, without all of these giveaway threads and hot deals hanging over my head. I may still come back to update the Villager Popularity list but I don't think I'll be trading or posting in casual threads or discussions. I'll probably be in invisible ...
  3. Stuck in the Abyss

    Things just suck right now.

    It's horrible that you're so sad and have been crying so much that I just don't have the energy to cry anymore. I just kinda....sit there in silence for a while.

    A lot has happened lately, and things started to look up a bit, but of course, it starts to go back down little by little. What we thought would make things better was just the same old crap all over again. Boyfriend still away a lot and being a jerk sometimes, getting buried in ...
  4. Weird Dreams Entry 2 (Part 2/2)

    from part 1...

    Next is Xenia! I love her message.

    Featuring the only room in her house/tent!


    My favorite
    Weird Dreams
  5. Weird Dreams Entry 2 (Part 1/2)


    Dream Address: 7F00-000F-5AD3
    Owned by Rainyks on TBT

    Rainer | Legacy | Xenia | Wolfgang | Moe | Snake | Katt | Gladys | W. Link | Lolly | Merry | Lucha


    Welcome to the second entry of Weird Dreams! This time we're visiting Corvidae, a forest themed town. Hope you enjoy.

    Already, it's raining. I feel like I'll be visiting more rainy towns in the

    Updated 10-21-2017 at 03:32 AM by EvieEvening23

    Weird Dreams