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  1. [ A New Job, A New Life ] Day 1 - A New Job, A New Life! (part 2)

    I soon returned to Town Hall and Isabelle. She asked me about the place, and I said it was perfect, but I was worried about the payments and I was living in a tent for now. Isabelle sympathetically tried to cheer me up and suggested ways to pay for it.

    We started finishing up my registration. After confirming my birthday, August 21st, she stamped a card and handed it over to me. ...

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  2. [ A New Job, A New Life ] Day 1 - A New Job, A New Life!

    [ Day 1 ] A New Job, A New Life!

    Today was moving day.

    After finishing school I decided to move out of my parents’ house and live on my own. Being fresh out of college, I didn’t have a job yet and I had been searching for job ads and the like. One in particular caught my interest. A mayor from a small town was looking for an assistant in the development-plan ...

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  3. Highlight of TodayHighly part 3?

    I know it's not even 9:00(am) but my highlight of Today is... .
    When I walked on the bus, the floor was soaked. Covered with water. The bus flooded. Either rain got in the bus or it rained in the bus.
    Or according to someone else, someone needed the toilet really bad and couldn't hold it in.
  4. New Leaf 1/1 Challenge: Day 14

    Hello! So it has been two weeks since the 1 Year Challenge on New Leaf began and the creation of my town, Cosmos.

    I've decided that I am going to stop blogging every day. I eventually won't keep up with it, so instead I will keep going with my original goal, to try and go on the game for a couple of hours each day if I forget to, I will write down each time I missed a day.

    Anyway, this is Day 14

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    Shrunk was standing outside ...
  5. Weird AC:PC Dream

    So last night I had a dream about Pocket Camp...

    Basically, the developers announced this new feature they were going to add that was similar to OK Motors. The new feature was...


    So instead of having Beppe, Carlo and Giovanni run it, they added in 3 new hamster sisters but I don't remember if there was a name or not lol. The developers said the airport service is how we would be able to visit other people's campsites: by flying ...