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  1. LISA

    i wanted to do an uno moralez themed town but honestly i think that it'd be really cool if i based it off of the game LISA.

    i could have a red meat room. i could have one room based on each of the different areas. i could have a room that's all blue and sparkly like joy. i could have a room based on the labratory. one for the devil baths. the joy mutants. wally's town.

    ah!!!!!!!! i need to do this it's so much easier to come up with room designs and stuff
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  2. Aberdeen, Day 2 (3 & 4)

    I completely forgot about how hard it was to start off a brand new town.

    Plus, I am so so lazy
    Day 2

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    Now recovered from having my face stung by bees, I now magically had a house. Construction was complete and now I had the money to pay off the house, which was 39,800 bells. I originally sold my town to him, so I was able to pay this off just fine. I was informed by Isabel that a town development permit was required to start work ...
  3. migi's luck continues..........

    hamphrey is moving into his town! he's the best hamster (IN MY OPEINION)
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  4. housekeeping in tuesday and migi's marshal luck

    june 23rd:

    tuesday: mayor mimi spent all day catching up with people. martin from teufort came over and fished and gave him perfect pears so that he could give one to eunice. pancetti is gone. marcel is on his way. a dreamie acquired and soon to be mine.

    mimi also spent a lot of time going through all of his house and clothes. i only have three rooms (attic + basement). i put all my gyroids in the basement like everyone does, but it has the dirt clod wall so it looks ...

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  5. Day 1 - I'm Finally Approved!

    Dear Readers,

    So today was a quite eventful day in Phandom. I started the day this morning by checking the mail. There was a letter from my mom with a gift attached! I rushed to read the letter and open the gift. She sent me (insert drum-roll here) a teacher's chair! Very lackluster. But it's the thought that counts, right? I put the chair in my Alpine Dresser inside and rearranged my furniture. My house renovation was done this morning! I now have 98,000 Bells of debt, and no soul ...