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  1. Summary of each hour in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Even if I haven't played ACNL in a long time, I still know a lot of stuff about it. But I can give you what I think of each hour. No, not about the hourly music. I already written an entry about that, about over 200 blog entries ago (when I used to write blog entries everyday). Today's entry is more about the hours and less about the music.

    The premise of the town: Main Street is fully maxed out (it even has T&T Emporium), ordinance is either Beautiful Town or Wealthy Town (or ...
  2. for my own record... [2/2]

    [ LAST UPDATED 4.25.2017 ]

    Amiibos & Amiibo Cards WANTED:

    |~ FIGURES ~|

    - Splatoon Sisters: Callie Figure [amazon - individual (Aori)] [amazon 2-pack]
    - Splatoon Sisters: Marie Figure [amazon - individual (Fire Fly)] [amazon 2-pack]
    - Monster Hunters: Navirou Figure [amazon]

    |~ CARDS ~|

    - Chief {Series 1 - #086} ***
    - Fang {Series 4 - #338} ***
    - Mint {Series 1 - #063} ** ...
  3. for my own record... [1/2]

    These are some of the Town Tunes I like / have figured out:

    Adesso e Fortuna:

    Country Roads:

    Alan's Flute:

    Little Busters:
  4. Stuff I would change if I were a moderator

    Although I have many ideas about what to do if I get a position in the site staff, I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up if you want me to be a moderator. They're only gonna accept users that filed an application to be one. I'm not gonna file an application for one when they open up again because of a few reasons. First of all, my parents and grandparents wouldn't approve of me doing so. I am very loyal to them, and I wouldn't want to disappoint them. That, and I am still in college, I plan on ...
  5. Emendations to my Idea Book (Other Features)

    In my Idea Book, Chapters 5 to 8 are on town creation, Chapters 9 to 14 are on town management, and Chapters 15 to 18 are on attraction management. Almost of what I covered were player-exclusive features and stuff based on ACNL. The rest of the Idea Book were about other ideas I had.

    First, Chapters 19 to 22 were all about interior decorating and items. When I was going over my Idea Book with the same friend I was talking about, he was telling me what he actually likes and what he ...