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Welcome to my fine blog, the Apple Times! I have many creative ideas, game ideas, and many other things. Have fun reading my blog.

  1. No more political discussions for me

    After how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act thread went, I decided that I am done with my involvement in political threads on this site. But Iím not done with this site in general. If the site shuts down, Animal Crossing dies, or the site starts to get more corrupt, then thatís when Iím out for good. Thatís how attached I am to this site. But I will no longer be involved in the political discussions.

    My main reason was that some of the members on this forum are not just being mean or rude ...
  2. How different is America from the rest of the developed world

    A few months ago, Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Back then, just Syria, Nicaragua, and the US were the only countries to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Just recently, Syria joined the agreement as Nicaragua joined a few weeks ago. Now the United States is the only country in the world to have withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. And this is over job creation.

    This isnít the first time the United States alienates itself from the rest ...
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  3. Laudine's Line-art

    The TBT Fair of 2017 may be over, as well as the latest Halloween Event, but there was still more line-art to color. Behold, the latest picture she has drawn for me:

    The setting of the image is in an apple tree forest in early December. A cabin with a river can be seen in the background. Andrea is with three Eevees as they try to pick apples. Holly and her Poliwag ...
  4. Super Mario Odyssey - First Thoughts

    On October 27th, 2017, Nintendo has released their 7th new 3D Mario game to the Nintendo Switch. After 15 years since the last traditional 3D Mario game (Super Mario Sunshine) came out, it was time for a new one like this. I got mine pre-ordered and picked it up today. Here are my first thoughts on this game.

    • Graphics - gorgeous. Very gorgeous. Although it still remains to be CGI graphics (Like Toy Story), itís starting to look more realistic. If Super Mario 64 got a remake with
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  5. 100 Floors - Commentary (Part 5)

    Today is the last day of the 100 Floors commentary made by me. I went over the Main Tower and the Annex Tower, now itís about the other two towers.

    • The Seasons Tower currently has 15 levels on each of the three holidays: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentineís. Based on the music and the puzzles, the Christmas one is the best by average, and the Halloween one is the worst.
    • The first five floors of the Halloween section wasnít too bad. Like on the Main Tower, some involved association,
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