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Welcome to my fine blog, the Apple Times! I have many creative ideas, game ideas, and many other things. Have fun reading my blog.

  1. Reproductive Health Equity Act: Analysis

    Within the last 24 hours, I created a thread on Brewster's Café about Oregon's new abortion expansion law. In case if you don't know what that does, it basically says that you can now have abortions for free. Not just that, but taxpayers have to pay for it. Pro-lifers are against abortion because they believe an unborn fetus is a human being, and terminating a pregnancy is murder. But even if people can get abortions, they have to pay for their own. But this Oregon law made it free in Oregon, which ...
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  2. TBT Fair 2017: Wishes and Plans

    The TBT Fair starts tomorrow, but the first event may open on Sunday. Due to the impending TBT Fair, I decided to make a blog entry on my plans and wishes for the fair.

    My Plans:

    Since I want nothing more than to hold 10,000 TBT at once, the main thing I'm gonna do is to participate in the events and the contests, enough to where I can get enough tickets to buy the rarer collectibles. Even two to three cheap fair collectibles is going to be enough based on where I am. ...
  3. My comments on the Charlottesville Attack

    You saw what happened last Saturday, right? It was atrocious. What happened here was that the city officials decided to remove the statue of Robert E Lee from a public area. White Nationalists have protested the removal of the statue, but it drew in counter-protesters. Then it all went to hell when someone drove in and plowed through the counter-protesters in a car, killing one person and maiming 19 others. In my opinion, this was more barbaric than all the public shootings that happened within ...
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  4. My 300th Blog Entry

    Here we are. I can't believe I made it this far in my blog, cause I now got to:

    300 Entries!

    As you can see, I got the largest blog on this site. I may not be the first one to pass 100 entries or 200 entries on a personal blog on this forum, but as soon as I got to 250 blog entries, I have the largest blog on this site.

    To be honest with you, my blogging rate between 201 to 300 was just as fast as it was between 101 to 200, based on months of activity. ...
  5. Hidden Problems in ACNL that may not be problems, but are

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf may be the best Animal Crossing game, but it's sure not a stranger to in-game flaws, even after the amiibo update. Some old issues (such as beetle sensitivity, sea basses, grass decay, and Resetti) are still in as we are also aware of the new issues created since the game's release (such as villagers moving in front of players' houses, Club Tortimer, the new luck system, and animals not giving PWP suggestions when we expect them). In addition, there is a problem that used ...
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