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Welcome to my fine blog, the StarFall Press! I have many creative ideas, game ideas, and many other things. Have fun reading my blog.

  1. 1000 Days on TBT

    Today is my 1000th day on this site. I can't believe how far I made it. I know that I wasn't active on all 1,000 days on this site, but today marks another milestone. One more digit on number of days I spent here is added.

    I had a lot a fun on this site when I joined. But I had some bad experiences. The best times are when an event is going on as the worst times are when I get a backlash from other members for stupid reasons. I also know how the community is. Some of the members are ...
  2. The MoonGlow Report: Issue #08

    I am back for another issue on the MoonGlow Report. Last week was all about the Café Plaza. This week is about the Flower Clock Plaza and finishing touches on path scenery. At this time, MoonGlow's paths are filled with flowers along the sides, but there's still more to be done.

    --Day 50: Perfect Town--

    Name:  MoonGlow Report Day 050.JPG
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    Two weeks after the lighthouse was built, a sister project was built on the west side. It was the MoonGlow windmill, as ...
  3. The MoonGlow Report: Issue #07

    I'm back for more issues on the MoonGlow Report. Today's issue is on Week 7, the week of Café Plaza. For the first six weeks, the Café Plaza has been pretty empty, with nothing but path patterns. There was even a bridge in that area when I first created MoonGlow. This week, you can see how it's slowly developing.

    --Day 43: The Café opens--

    Name:  MoonGlow Report Day 043.JPG
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    36 days after the campsite has been built, a new major landmark was built in town. ...
  4. 10,000 Bells: GameCube Version vs New Leaf

    I remember writing blog entries about how Animal Crossing progresses over time back when I was a newbie, but now I like going deeper into some aspects of the game.

    Today, it's about money making and how much one value is worth over time. If you want to know what is worth more between 10,000 Bells from the GameCube Version and 10,000 Bells in New Leaf, the answer is the same gameplay-wise, but I would have to say that the GameCube Version's amounts is worth more. Here's why:
  5. Happy Anniversary to Star Wars!

    Today is Star Wars' 40th Anniversary. The whole multimedia franchise (including cartoons, games, and comics) all started with a live action film that came out in theaters 40 years ago on this day.

    The movie that came out was A New Hope, which introduced more advanced special effects and editing. Back then, A New Hope was simply called "Star Wars". It was also very original, steering clear of pop culture references. Since then, there were more Star Wars movies, and more stuff ...
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