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Welcome to my fine blog, the StarFall Press! I have many creative ideas, game ideas, and many other things. Have fun reading my blog.

  1. Super Mario Sunshine Level Review - Part 4

    I am done with my short break with SMS level reviews, so I'm gonna share my opinions on Pinna Park today.

    Pinna Park:

    The level starts out with Mario trying to rescue the princess, only to realize the true identity of the culprit and what his intentions were. But then it became more about doing repairs to the park and bringing peace. The bad news is that Peach is gone for the rest of the game, but the good news is that after half the missions are completed, Mario can ...
  2. Super Mario Sunshine Level Review - Part 3

    I hope you're enjoying my level reviews because I'm moving on to the third level - Gelato Beach.

    Gelato Beach:

    The third level of the game is set what you would imagine seeing most when you think of tropical islands. That would be really sunny beaches, cabanas, tropical fruits, and sports like surfing. And this level has everything. It's also where you start seeing the other race for the first time - the Nokis. While we were used to the plant people from early on, the ...
  3. Super Mario Sunshine Level Review - Part 2

    Last time, I did an overview of Bianco Hills and what I thought of the missions in the level. Today, it's going to be about the second level.

    Ricco Harbor:

    The next level is about the shipping port of Isle Delfino. It's pretty much seen in every level from Delfino Plaza to Pinna Park. It's also where the largest seafood market in Isle Delfino takes place. One more thing, this level is the most identical to Delfino Plaza.

    Although I think Ricco Harbor ...
  4. Super Mario Sunshine Level Review - Part 1

    I told you that I will be reviewing every bit in Super Mario Sunshine, including each of the levels. What I'm going to do in each review is to rank all of the shine sprites from best to worst, based on how fun they are to collect and how bad they are. This will not include the blue coin ones, but it does include the yellow coin and Shadow Mario showdown missions.

    Bianco Hills:

    The first level of the game doesn't sound like a proper first level for a platformer like ...
  5. My review for Super Mario Sunshine

    Due to the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey, I'm thinking about replaying one of the 3D Mario games this summer, even when I have a town to work on and my Glow City project to put together (it's not a real game in development yet, but the ideas are written down). Since my Wii U is not hooked up to my TV (it's going to be put away soon), and since the Switch has no VC feature yet, I have no access to Virtual Console. So the only game left to play is Super Mario Sunshine. My GameCube is at ...
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