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Welcome to my fine blog, the StarFall Press! I have many creative ideas, game ideas, and many other things. Have fun reading my blog.

  1. Summary of each hour in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Even if I haven't played ACNL in a long time, I still know a lot of stuff about it. But I can give you what I think of each hour. No, not about the hourly music. I already written an entry about that, about over 200 blog entries ago (when I used to write blog entries everyday). Today's entry is more about the hours and less about the music.

    The premise of the town: Main Street is fully maxed out (it even has T&T Emporium), ordinance is either Beautiful Town or Wealthy Town (or ...
  2. Stuff I would change if I were a moderator

    Although I have many ideas about what to do if I get a position in the site staff, I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up if you want me to be a moderator. They're only gonna accept users that filed an application to be one. I'm not gonna file an application for one when they open up again because of a few reasons. First of all, my parents and grandparents wouldn't approve of me doing so. I am very loyal to them, and I wouldn't want to disappoint them. That, and I am still in college, I plan on ...
  3. Emendations to my Idea Book (Other Features)

    In my Idea Book, Chapters 5 to 8 are on town creation, Chapters 9 to 14 are on town management, and Chapters 15 to 18 are on attraction management. Almost of what I covered were player-exclusive features and stuff based on ACNL. The rest of the Idea Book were about other ideas I had.

    First, Chapters 19 to 22 were all about interior decorating and items. When I was going over my Idea Book with the same friend I was talking about, he was telling me what he actually likes and what he ...
  4. How much of my early membership identity is left?

    Ever since I changed my username for the first time (and since I changed my avatar and signature into Pokemon-related stuff with apples), I decided to talk about how much I have changed since September 9th, 2014 (September 10th if you're living in the eastern hemisphere). I may have discussed this on the StarFall Press before, but pretty much almost everything I had in the first four months I spent on TBT are now just memories and not with me anymore.

    About the first two months I ...
  5. Emendations to my Idea Book (Management)

    According to my Idea Book, Chapters 9 to 14 were on town management and the duties of the mayor. However, Chapters 15 to 18 were on management of facilities done by the alternative characters. Part of the inspiration for this idea came from Happy Home Designer, where you can not only design houses, but facilities as well. There's a school, a hospital, an office block, a concert, a hotel, two restaurants, and three shops. The other part of the inspiration came from the fact that only the mayor had ...
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