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❀ The Irisvale Times ❀

Join Mayor Crystal as she experiences a wonderful new life in a little town called Irisvale!

(I might blog about other things too but for now it's gonna be New Leaf only)

I'm blogging my progress in Irisvale because I want to keep myself motivated while I work on my new town.
Expect to see an entry almost every day from me! ☆

  1. ❀ Irisvale Recap Part 2 - Days 11 ~ 15(3/19 ~ 3/24) ❀

    Recap Part 2. Here's what happened:

    ❀ Irisvale Day 11 ~ March 19th, 2017 ❀
    Day 10(recap part 1) and 11 were pretty exciting!
    Claudia moved in today, so Krisadra and I said hello. I actually forgot to mention that on day 10, I found Isabelle sleeping! I couldn't do mayoral business because of the fish tourney, but I immediately started the Dream Suite Project! I paid off the whole thing. Phineas gave me the Catalog Maniac Bronze badge!

    The ...
  2. ❀ Irisvale Recap Part 1 - Days 8 ~ 10 (3/16 ~ 3/18) ❀

    Sorry for the lack of entries. I was on a TBT Hiatus.

    Here's a quick recap of what happened while I was gone.

    ❀ Irisvale Day 8 ~ March 16th, 2017❀
    It was Krisadra's birthday! Isabelle said happy birthday and so did the villagers. Think of Day 7, basically. (No PWPs, I scanned Toby.)
    (Krisadra is one of my personal OCs. I've had her since 2006, meaning as of today, I created her 11 years ago. She's very special to me. She's located in my account ...
  3. ❀ Irisvale Day 7 - March 15th, 2017

    ❀ Day 7 - Happy birthday, Mayor Crystal! ❀

    It's very cold and very nice out where I live irl, so I decided to start my day off right by taking a walk. (1,351 steps according to my 3DS!)

    As you can see, today is my 22nd birthday! ♥
    New villager = New plot. I reset for Étoile after she was able to live in my town.

    Since it wasn't Krisadra's birthday, I loaded up her first. Turns out Leif's Garden Shop is open! ...
  4. ❀ Irisvale Day 6 - March 14th, 2017 ❀

    ❀ Day 6 - Insert Filler Entry Here ❀

    Yeah as you can see today was kinda boring so I'm just going to give you guys a TL;DR. No screenshots today, either.

    Carmen and Wolf Link wrote back to me.

    Harvey gave Krisadra and I some throwing beans so we could feed the birds.

    Leif's Garden Shop is being built. Katrina arrived today and Krisadra and I got both our fortunes told.

    Marty moved in, so I said hi.
  5. ❀ Irisvale Day 5 - March 13th, 2017 ❀

    ❀ Day 5 - Phineas, and letters galore! ❀

    Like with any new villager, I plot reset for Marty. He landed in a really great spot!

    I got letters back from Wolfgang, Lucy, and Carmen. Wolfgang gave me a Tall Lantern, and Lucy gave me a Kitschy Wall. Carmen didn't give me anything, but her letter was cute, so I didn't mind.
    I asked Pelly to save their letters.

    When I was looking at my letters, I saw Phineas walking by! He gave me the Seafood ...
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