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❀ The Irisvale Times ❀

Join Mayor Crystal as she experiences a wonderful new life in a little town called Irisvale!

(I might blog about other things too but for now it's gonna be New Leaf only)

I'm blogging my progress in Irisvale because I want to keep myself motivated while I work on my new town.
Expect to see an entry almost every day from me! ☆

  1. ❀ Irisvale Day 7 - March 15th, 2017

    ❀ Day 7 - Happy birthday, Mayor Crystal! ❀

    It's very cold and very nice out where I live irl, so I decided to start my day off right by taking a walk. (1,351 steps according to my 3DS!)

    As you can see, today is my 22nd birthday! ♥
    New villager = New plot. I reset for Étoile after she was able to live in my town.

    Since it wasn't Krisadra's birthday, I loaded up her first. Turns out Leif's Garden Shop is open! ...
  2. ❀ Irisvale Day 6 - March 14th, 2017 ❀

    ❀ Day 6 - Insert Filler Entry Here ❀

    Yeah as you can see today was kinda boring so I'm just going to give you guys a TL;DR. No screenshots today, either.

    Carmen and Wolf Link wrote back to me.

    Harvey gave Krisadra and I some throwing beans so we could feed the birds.

    Leif's Garden Shop is being built. Katrina arrived today and Krisadra and I got both our fortunes told.

    Marty moved in, so I said hi.
  3. ❀ Irisvale Day 5 - March 13th, 2017 ❀

    ❀ Day 5 - Phineas, and letters galore! ❀

    Like with any new villager, I plot reset for Marty. He landed in a really great spot!

    I got letters back from Wolfgang, Lucy, and Carmen. Wolfgang gave me a Tall Lantern, and Lucy gave me a Kitschy Wall. Carmen didn't give me anything, but her letter was cute, so I didn't mind.
    I asked Pelly to save their letters.

    When I was looking at my letters, I saw Phineas walking by! He gave me the Seafood ...
  4. ❀ Day 4 - March 12th, 2017 ❀

    ❀ Day 4 - Tortimer's Island, Sanrio, and Wolf Link! ❀

    -- no screenshots sorry, trying to save TBT --

    I went to visit Wolf Link today after he agreed to move in on Day 2! He's so cool looking! So glad he's in my town now!

    Astrid suggested the Illuminated Arch PWP today! I like that one, it's pretty cool! (Way to redeem yourself after the Spider mishap, Astrid.)
    I constructed a Yellow Bench today. Kris and I split the donations, half ...
  5. ❀ Irisvale Day 3 - March 11th, 2017 ❀

    ❀ Day 3 - Tortimer, Carmen, and the Beautiful Town! ❀

    I plot reset for Wolf Link straight away. He landed in a really nice spot.

    I went to visit Harvey first. Sadly, he still had nothing of interest to offer me, and Jingle was here today. I said hello, but that was it.

    Crazy Redd was in town today! I bought the Basic Painting off of him. It's the only one that was genuine.

    After I talked to Redd, I went to the dock and ...
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