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  1. Ignore This

  2. Great...

    Wow. Did this really just happen? I dropped my always. I throw my phone a lot, and I also drop it a lot. So why was it any different this time? This one time it hits the has to get a huge crack?! Why phone, why?
  3. ♪ Mistwood Day 1 - March 24th, 2017 ♪

    Welcome to the Much Of Mistwood Blog! (I know it's a sucky blog name, but just leave me be...) I'll be posting my daily progress of my second town, Mistwood, here, in this trashy blog ~♪

    On Thursday, I went to GameStop after school and bought my second AC:NL copy! ❁ It came with a free amiibo card inside, I got Louie! (Which is one I don't have.)

    AC:NL Cartridge + Louie Amiibo Card

    I'd been resetting for 2 days, but I knew it was going to take quite a while to find a good ...

    Updated 03-27-2017 at 07:11 PM by pinkcotton

  4. Incoming!

    Hi everyone, it's me, Pink! (or pinkcotton, I don't care!) ^_^

    Just making it known that I will be getting a second copy hopefully on Thursday ~☆

    Town Name: Mistwood

    Mayor Name: Irene / Still deciding.

    Side Character Names: Selene and still deciding.

    Theme: Woodsy! (Overflown with cedar trees and clovers all over the place.)

    Dreamies: Felyne, Kyle, June, Fauna, Deirdere, Vivian, Marshal, Bam, Molly, ...
  5. Developing Blossom: Day 1

    Hi everyone! It's your pink-obsessed girly! First blog entry! ^_^
    I thought I'd post the progress of my new town, Blossom!
    Today I have 5 of my dreamies. Lolly, Diana, Marshal, Merengue, and Gayle.
    Gayle just moved in today, I plotted her perfectly so I made a pink + white rose garden in the gap between my house and hers. Then I added a round streetlight! I also put down some paths today. Link to the pic is below!
    Thanks for reading this