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08-03-2006, 04:10 PM
Sales figures for June show that the now five year-old PS2, beat the Xbox 360 sales last month.

According to monthly estimates by the NPD Group, 311,000 PS2 's were sold in the month of June, whilst 277,000 Xbox 360's made it off the shelves. Nintendo's DS was a clear winner last month, selling 593,000 handsets, thanks to the release of the new DS Lite.

January through June, the total industry (not counting PC games, which are figured into PC software totals) brought in $4.3 billion, (about 4% more than last year's first half). Console hardware sold a whopping 44% more than last year at more than $854 million.

The Nintendo DS outsold the PlayStation Portable. And sales of portable console hardware had increased 30% from June last year. Sales overall were up 25% compared to last year.

Sorry, I was going to post this in July.... oh well :/ It's interesting.