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04-11-2006, 05:26 PM
Hey, lookin' for a game but you don't know what to buy, or if its good or not? Look no further 'cause the reviews are right here!

Review 2:
Metroid Prime Hunters
uo to 4 players
Single Card Play, Multi Card play, and WiFi

Well the other Metroid installments had fairly good stories this one seemed like a bit of a filler to keep the gamers busy before Metroid Prime 3

:( but strangely enough it works. The, now uber famous, Samus is sent a message to go to the alymbic cluster because there have been strange disturbances there. When she gets there she meets another bounty hunter; Kanden and eventually Trace, Weavel, Sylux, Noxus, and Spire. All playable characters in the multiplayer. The thing is that in this new galaxy there aren't any Metroids! So basically we have Prime:Hunters.
Its not the best but it ties in with you meeting the other hunters so it works.
I give the Story [3/5]

PERFECT! This game is the best one for DS! there was no problems with the gameplay the mutiplayer was perfect, You can choose to play as any of the hunters you have fought and beaten in singleplayer or multiplayer, you can choose 20+ levels and many play modes such as King of the Hill(called defender) and Capture(Capture the flag) unfortunatly there are a few glitches, for instance I was playing Multi-Card play and out of nowhere I fell through the ground (inand the single player isn't too shaby either.
I give the gameplay a [5/5]

Graphics:The graphics were breath taking especially for the DS there were no major problems exept that sometimes(very rarely) there might be a graphic glitch in with the walls become transparent for a second but this isn't that bad.

Sound: Don't expect much from the sound, its not that great quality, though the soundtrack is actually very good! I catch myself sometimes humming it.
I give it a [4/5]

Overall Rating [5/5] you NEED TO GET THIS GAME!

Review 1:

Sonic Rush
up to 2 players
single or multi card play

The story for the newest installment is...less than deep. It starts out with the stars of the game sonic relaxing when something happens a portal from another dimension opens up and your another character appears; Blase the Cat BLAH BLAH BLAH this story has been used and regurgitated time after time after time! BORING! Anyways now you have to play though levels and fight the Nega Eggman's many bosses to find out about her...this works out somehow.
I give the story a [2/5]

After all those peice-of-crap 3D sonic adventures we were all pretty sure that the Sonic game franchize had pretty much been exausted right? Well for this game Sega brought back the old FUN Sonic gameplay! Plus a new trick! They added a new attack called "Dash" so you aren't just holding down the right button. This attack allows you to go SUPER fast to just speed up, attack enemies, or (with a certain amount) access secret levels. The boss battles are definatly the best part of the game with cool 3D graphics and camera but keeping the platformer controlls. Unfortunatly after a while, you will just be trudging along each level just to get to the bosses!
I give the gameplay a [4/5]

At the beginning of the game you will see some nice pictures of sonic and Blaze staying true to the TV show but during actual gameplay its ugly, pixely "wannabe" 3D sidescrolling. I, presonally, would have liked more cartoony graphics staying true t the origional Sonic but they went for something, the DS just can't handel while making it look good. They really are not that great...or good by any stretch.
I give the Graphics a [3/5]

The sound FX are pretty much the classic ones, but the music is weird instrumental remixes of old 80's songs like louie louie. Not so great.

The overall game is pretty fun but not really that good.


Propaganda Man
04-11-2006, 06:59 PM
Honestly the review is a bad one.

I don't understand the story at all. You don't go into well thought out detail. It sounds as if you are attacking the game.

04-12-2006, 04:39 PM
Honestly the review is a bad one.

I don't understand the story at all. You don't go into well thought out detail. It sounds as if you are attacking the game.
Maby because I don't like the game.

05-04-2006, 02:25 PM
New review! MPH.