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03-24-2006, 11:40 PM
The Hunter List

No. Not the hunted list; the Hunter List. This is a list I will be making of Hunters that I have played that are either very good, or have good potential. These are not people that are just 'hard' or 'good'. I'm talking phenoms.

The Already Exceptional List:

Most Used Hunter: Out of our matches he's always picked Sylux. (he's only good with sylux :P)
Style: Let's just say he'll kill you. (In other words, a mix.) -Uses mix of missiles, that cheap electric beam thingy, and evades by jumping alot or by rolling away once morphed.
Our Encounter(s):
The first match with Bulerias... Well, here is where he earned this title. He was all around the place, he murdered me; I got no kills.

The second one was almost immediatly afterwords.. This time, it was the opposite; I killed him, 3-0.

BUT; I still give Bulerias the ultimate props of being the 2nd best Hunter here so far.

I am looking forward to Pokefab-Bulerias II.


Most Used Hunter: Out of our matches he's always picked Samus.
Style: He snipes VERY WELL.
Our Encounter(s):
We played at Headshot and he basically massacered me by sniping me.

The Exceptional Potential List:

Most Used Hunter: Out of our matches he's always picked Samus.(?)
Style: Well, he seemed to stay in Alt mode alot.
Our Encounter(s):
My first match with Mino was pretty close; he'd said this was his second match on WiFi, yet he still did good, although I won. I think he is just naturally good at video games.

Anyway, our second match was long, but seemed easier for me to win.

Keep working; soon you'll be at the top.


_Darth:edited some info in for bul...help out people who haven't played him yet.