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03-22-2006, 11:00 PM
The Hunter Profile Arichive


The Hunter Profile Arichive (HPA) is a thread where you can post your stats. This way, people can compete, and see how good you are before they challenge you.


To contribute, simply post using this template:

Overall Rank:
Alt Kills:
BiPed Kills:
Games Won:
Games Played:
Win Rate:
Shots Fired:
Time Played:
Most Used Hunter:
Most Played Arena:
Most used Weapon:
Win Streak:
Lucky Arena:
Ranking Points:
Favorite Mode:
WiFi Play Time:
Kill Streak:


03-22-2006, 11:06 PM
Overall Rank: 2637
Alt Kills: 1
BiPed Kills: 62
Games Won: 13 wins of 14 games
Games Played: 14
Disconnects: 0
Win Rate: 92.8%
Headshots: 7
Shots Fired: 2267
Time Played: 1hr 33min
Most Used Hunter: Kanden
Most Played Arena: Combat Hall
Most used Weapon: Volt Driver
Win Streak: 11
Lucky Arena: Combat Hall
Ranking Points: 23
Favorite Mode: Battle
Kill Streak: 7

I'll edit this.