View Full Version : Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

01-20-2007, 01:22 AM
I've recently gotten Grabbed by the Ghoulies (Around Christmas to be exact), and I've loved it. The graphics (Cell shading without the simple faces of WW), the music (Ninja Imp theme ftw!), the charecters (Mow my meadow!), the gameplay (which is great fun), the Ninja Imps (Do I need to explain?), the Reaper (who appears if you break a challenge rule, and hunts you down. If any ghoulies gets in the way of his finger, they die, and that proves to be usefull sometimes. Plus, whenever he kills someone, he does a guitar solo on his sycle), everything. Not to mention Blackeye's Barnicole Remover, Potraits of Banjo, and Mr. Pants posters.

I'd go on, but I'd really like to know what you thought of it, if you've played it before, that is. "I heard it sucks :-P" won't get us anywhere.