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01-03-2007, 10:41 PM
Well today I went to best buy to buy a new video camera and I came across a PS3 demo station in the store.

Now first off I'd like to say I found it funny that in front of it there was a huge pile of ps3 systems and 360s but...no wiis and also reasonably more ps3s. Looks like practically nobody want one still.

Anyways here is the review:

Now first i'd like to say that the PS3 is one noisy beast quite a bit more than the Xbox 360, too. It looks nice but unfortunately its HUGE, a little bit too big to compete againsed the wii and also a little bigger than the 360 but it is a little shinier and nicer looking than them both I thought.

Controller: This is basically the 360 controller mixed with the Wii controller mixed with the PS2 controller. The PS2 is the clearly more dominant design for the controller but it has a couple traits from the Xbox too like the little pressable logo button to connect with the console and get to a home menu, plus the L&R 2 buttons are now triggers. And its relation to the Wii Remote is, obviously, the motoin sensing. The controller holds well just like its predecessor: the DualShock and DualShock2 which were arguably the best controllers ever.

Hardware: Great. With a blu ray player built in (even though its not as good as the standalone ones) and all the other stuff fit into that case it works out very well. Unfortunately it takes about 6 times more power than the PS2, so try not to leave it on.

Graphics: Now I only played one game and it was some motocross game but its graphics were amazing, they were quite a bit better than the 360's (and obviously ALOT better than the wii) but unfortunately not $300 better.

and finally the Gameplay: I hate to say it, but the game I played was...

really fun.

Now I played it in two ways with the analog sticks which was fun, but only on par with the last gen and with the motion sensing. That was the really fun part, though it was a little too sensitive, I believe that can be ajusted. The gameplay is very good as I had just about as fun as I did with any of the other systems.

Overall: I have to say, despite what most people have been saying, this system is up to par with the rest of the systems.


01-04-2007, 01:31 AM
It is up to par in everything but the cost. :lol: